«Society & Man» № 1(4) — 2013

Juridical Sciences

Katazhina Liaskovska
Organised criminality impact on the polish society and state

The article discusses the mechanisms of influence of organized crime on state structures and social institutions of the Polish society.

Keywords: organized crime, Polish Society, the Polish state, the impact of crime.

Gilinsky Ja.I.
Teenagers and youth deviance: state, problems, prognosis

The author talks about the state of deviance and crime among adolescents. The causes of the genesis of these negative social phenomena, assesses the state and provides short-term forecasts.

Keywords: deviance, crime, youth, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide.

Johannes Feest
Sicherungsverwahrung (preventive detention). Brief summary of recent developments in Germany

Mescheriakova O.M.
Harmonisation of criminal process legislation of the states-members of the European Council

The Article “Harmonization of Criminal Procedure Rules within the European Union ” is devoted to the common police and legislation of the European Union in the field of combating crime. The author of the article proposes to get acquainted with procedures of international cooperation on criminal cases of the European Union.

Key words: Criminal Procedure rules, harmonization, letters rogatory for search or seizure, European warrant in evidence, European search and seizure orders, legal assistance.

Osadchuk E.I.
Code of laws of 1550. History of creation, basic statements, further significance for the society

«The Imperial code of law», Russian monument of the period of the birth of the monarchy, approved, according to the researchers, in 1550 the first in Russia Earthen Cathedral. The immediate reason for his decision was the need to consolidate the forces of the feudal lords for the suppression of popular uprisings, restrictions boyar arbitrariness in court and management. Based on Судебнике 1497 г. and the joint decisions of Ivan IV the terrible, boyars and the higher clergy, he eliminated the judicial privileges princes and increased the role of the Central state judiciary.

Key words: code of law, the legal system, penalty, fine, penalty, Prince, slave file.

Isajev N.A.
Victimological aspect of forcible sexual crimes

The article analyzes the victims of sex crimes. Criminological notion of victim is treated wider procedural concepts victim. The questions of the relationship of the victim and perpetrator of various parameters, allowing you to analyze the dependence of the cluster correlation. Typology is provocative behavior of the victim.

Key words: the victim, victimology, sexual crime, types of behavior.

Chestnov I.L.
Practical “turn” in sociology of law in XXI century

The article grounds the program of the pragmatical sociology of law. The law exists only if it works, in other words if it will be turned into practical deeds of the people, repositories of legal status. Such approach proposes rethinking of all juristical categories from formal-dogmatical to social-practical.

Key words: sociology of law, pragmatical turn, force of law.

Smirnov L.B.
Criminal punishment in the mechanism of the control of deviant behavior: theory, practice and contemporary problems

In this article are considered theoretical, legal, law-enforcement aspects of criminal punishment and a problem of its efficiency.

Keywords: the state, punishment, social control, the theory, the crime, condemned.

Makin N.A.
Formal base for taking measures of protection

The article deals with formal bases of protective measures. The author analyses the structure of legal norm. Formal bases should be investigated in a complex with remedial and actual bases.

Key words: protective measures, responsibility measures, legal norm, sanction.

Iljin A.A.
On the issue of juridical technique of fixation features of corpus delicti in the articles of normative law acts

In this paper we study features of the description of the elements of the offense in the texts of laws and regulations. Oosboe attention is paid to the description of the optional features of the offense.

Keywords: composition of the offense, the legal machinery, the legal act.

Historical sciences

Gella T.N.
Queen Victoria and the British Empire in 70-80 of the XIX century

The article analyzes the political processes in the British Empire at the end of the XIX century and especially the role played by this Queen Victoria. Marked feature of the foreign policy process manifested in succession. Hard and often uncompromising stance of Queen Victoria in matters of solving a problem of imperial largely determines the choice of the ruling parties of the colonial rate and methods of implementation. British monarchy in the person of Queen Victoria was a symbol of the greatness and power of Britain and its empire in the late XIX century.

Keywords: British monarchy, the Queen Victoria, the British Empire, liberals, conservatives, imperial interests, U.Gladston, B.Dizraeli, colonial policy

Philological sciences

Abakumova O.B.
Parameters of culture in semantics of proverbs

The paper deals with the parameters of culture fixed in the semantics of old Russian proverbs and bringing out social norms of behaviour which help to state the type of Russian culture.

Key words: proverbs, parameter of culture, social norms of behaviour, national specifics.

Perebeinos V.I.
Formal grammar methods of the analysis of sentence structure

In the article methods of analysing sentence structure are considered that are based not on pure semantics, but on dependencies of words determining the structure, viz. immediate constituents, placement of arrows between connected words, word connection sentence zones, and dependency tree derivation.

Key words: immediate constituents, placement of arrows, word connection sentence zones, dependency tree.

Proskuriakova E.V.
Political media-discourse and evaluation

The article is devoted to political media discourse. The text serves as a component of communication: it provides information, as well as expresses opinions and attitudes. It leads to evaluative mechanisms in texts of political discourse. The author analyses fundamental approaches to research of political communication. Special attention is paid to demarcation of discourse and text, as well as correlation between the two notions. The article also describes political discourse, its main functions and peculiarities. In addition, the author informs about the main spheres, where political discourse is used, and studies evaluation as a mandatory characteristic of a text.

Key words: political media discourse, evaluation, political communication, discourse and text, functions of political language, mass media, intentions of political discourse.

Social and political sciences

Luptak M., Luptakova M.V.
Labour migrations in the post-crisis world of Europe: view from the Chech Republic

The article describes the problems associated with illegal immigration to the Czech Republic. Statistical data convincingly show the increase in the number of external migrants in modern-day Czech Republic. The authors also raise questions related to the inefficiency of the management of migration and the need for more careful planning and building a migration policy.

Keywords: Czech Republic, immigration, illegal immigrants, immigration, migration flows, Europe.

Grosheva I.A.
Control in the government: “deaf telephone’ of social reality

In the article the dysfunction of control in the management of a modern society is considered. Using concrete examples the author demonstrates the shortcomings of existing forms of control and the possible consequences of its absence.

Key words: Social control, management, social justice, social control, civil society, the state, society.

Kolesnichenko M.B.
Reconsidering identity in sociology

The article discusses changes in theoretical field of modern sociology. These changes are related to reassessment of such key concepts of ritual sociology as «society» and «identity», replacement of paradigms and trend to post-modern, actual sociology, public sociology.

Ключевые слова: identity, postmodern, mobility, metaphor, paradigm.

Philosophical sciences

Kodzoev N.D.
Religious views of the Osetins in the late Middle Ages

This article discusses the religious views of the Ossetians in the Late Middle Ages, according to published materials Vakhushti Bagrationi, G. Kovieva, AE Rossikovoy, W. Miller, S. Makstmova, A.M. Dirra, E. Markova,
F. Krasil’nikova, V. Zhelikhovsky, ES Stalinist, etc.

Keywords: late Middle Ages, the Ossetians, Paganism, Islam, Christianity, superstition.