«Society & Man» № 1(3) — 2012

Juridical sciences

Ekimovskaya A.N.
The role of psychologists in the questioning of juveniles at the preliminary investigation

Ilyuk E.V.
«Treatment is ship, crime is expensive» Or vice versa?

Ilyin A.A.
On the question of the legal technique fixing constituent elements violation in the articles normative and legal acts

In this paper we study features of the description of the elements of the offense in the texts of laws and regulations. Oosboe attention is paid to the description of the optional features of the offense.

Keywords: composition of the offense, the legal machinery, the legal act.

Zaitseva V.A.
The right to education in the system of human rights

Melkumian M.G.
On the concept of legal responsibility

The article investigates the concept and features of legal responsibility, identifies the different approaches to the definition of legal liability. Particular attention is paid to the positive legal liability.

Keywords: legal responsibility: features of legal liability; positive legal liability, the concept of legal liability.

Migda N.N.
Is the Capital punishment a preventative measure to prevent crime?

Philological sciences

Leonid Semenenko
Illocutionary Amalgams

The paper deals with the possibility of hypothetical prediction of illocutionary amalgams. The latter may be defined as speech acts that can be viewed as complex illocutions that are not based on linear sequences of standard performative formulas and have no standard formula originally designed for the purpose of performing such complex speech acts.

Key words: illocutionary act, amalgam, standard performative formula, conversational postulate, indirect illocution, request, offer, refusal, prohibition.

Aniskov VV
“And in the air and on the ground” (on the comparison of the primary elements in the works of Vladimir Vysotsky)

Trakhinin E.L.
“Glokaya kuzdra” in the linguistic illumination (to the problem)

Historical science

Harsiev B. M.-G.
The role of the “tradition of avoidance” in the Ingush culture


Gilinskiy Ya. I.
Artistic and scientific creativity as a deviance

Belousov K. Yu.
On the problems of female crime and crime prevention in the work of P.N. Tarnovskaya

Groshev I.L.
Eclecticism of corruption’s sibarizm

In the article the phenomenon of corruption from the perspective of efficiency of current programs is analyzed. Specific concept of development of socio-economic system of a modern society is considered. The method of indexing of corruption’s capacity which is defined as a dynamic indicator is presented. The author cites the results of a sociological survey, dedicated to testing methods of revealing corruption’s potential.

Ket words: corruption, capacity, indexing, opposition, corruption’s sibarizm, socio-economic model, youth.

Grosheva L.I.
Reduction of disproportions in the system of «subject-environment» as a factor of overcoming the growth of the destructive social activity

In the article the social activity as contradictory phenomenon appearing in a constructive and destructive way is considered. The author reveals the main positions that characterize the disproportion in expectations (of young actors and the social environment) that are connected with social activity of youth. Also the analysis of statistical data and system of adaptation of youth involved in destructive social activity are presented.

Key words: social activity, social environment, youth, delinquency, social adaptation.

Philosophy and political science

Torgashin A.Yu.
Why the “Critique of Pure Reason” is not a ground of agnosticism

Khautiev R.S.
Features state virds as one of the factors of ethno-political state of Ingushetia

Laheb H.A.
The development of political parties in the Republic of Yemen

Methodological support of the educational process

Isaev N.A.
Forensic Psychiatry (educational and methodological complex)

Yashina M.N.
The work program of discipline “Secondary analysis of data using the Unified Archive economic and sociological data”