Bulletin of Criminalistics № 3(51) — 2014

Voly’nskiy A.F.
Dactyloscopy: history and modernity in the aspect of social progress

Kustov А.M.
Model innformatsionnye basics Mechanisms to counter investigation

Chelysheva O.V.
The Objects of Forensic Examination

Lapin E.S.
Place philosophical materialist theory of reflectio in Criminalistics Science

Egoshin V.V.
Tactical features of interrogation in cases of illegal extraction (catching) of aquatic biological resources

Kozlov A.E.
Modern problems of crime thracology

Karnaukhova O.G.
Typical ways of counteraction to investigation from witnesses and victims

Kharatishvili A.G.
The possibility of using the results of operational and investigative activities in the production of interrogation of crimes in drug trafficking

Bachiyeva A.V., Kuzbagarova E.V.
Global Internet network as implementer of drugs and psychotropic substances

Lavrentieva I.S.
Modern possibilities of identification and for their potential use in correctional facilities Russia

Piskunova E.V.
Capturing the progress and results of investigative actions: new technologies — old problems

Belkov V.A.
Interaction of law enforcement agencies with a population of at disclosing illegal felling of forest plantations

Kuzub L.N.
Particularity of participation of the state accuser in the examination of witnesses in criminal proceeding of lucrative killing

Lall A.
On the use of everyday and scientific knowledge in a time-Estonian Forensics

Scientific life

International scientific and practical conference at MSU

Review of reports and resolutions of the international scientific-practical conference «Actual problems of forensic provide criminal justice in modern conditions» dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Doctor of Law, Professor L.L. Kanev (Ufa, April 24–25, 2014)

10 (extraordinary) International scientific-practical conference «Forensic Science and Criminalistics: Science, Education, Practice»

Forensics: Past and present (the 95th anniversary of the forensic service and the 10th anniversary of the Crime Scene at St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia)

Our anniversaries

October 24, 2014 90 years old Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor Emeritus UrGYuA Drapkin Leonid Yakovlevich

Leonid Yakovlevich Drapkin: scholar and a man with a capital letter

October 20 was 80 years old Marat Konstantinovich Kaminsky

March 14, 2014 celebrated its 75th anniversary of Vladimir Komissarov, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Higher Education of Russia

Memory colleagues

This year would have turned 90 years of Doctor of Law, Professor Igor Evseevich Bykhovskaya

November 15 would have been 85 years since the birth of Igor Aleksandrovich Vozgrin