Bulletin of Criminalistics № 2(50) — 2014

A few words about Alexander G. Filippov

Ishenko E.P.
Forensic examination of human properties: modern trends

Kholodnyy Yu.I.
Some practical aspects of production forensic psychophysiological expertize using polygraph

Danilova N.A., Nikolayeva T.G.
Whether the Prosecutor forensics?

Garmaev Y.P., Chumakova L.P.
First international festival of students’ films in criminal science «golden track»: purpose, objectives and prospects

Yelagina E.V.
About the terms of forensics

Holopov A.V.
Criminalistics’ theory capturing information

Grigorieva M.A.
Applyng special knowledge in investigation of safety regulations during construction works

Usanov I.V.
The Cycle of identification as the effective method for preparation an investigators, experts and specialists

Academic Life

«Days of Archibald Reiss» in Belgrad

Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Seminar on the topic: «Violent crime in the family: forensic analysis, problem detection and investigation»

International Scientific and Practical conference «Actual problems forensic tactics»

On Conducting Interuniversity scientific and practical workshop «Disclosure and investigation of crimes: science, practice, practice»

International Scientific Conference «Problems Prevention and Investigation Crime: Past and Present»

Our anniversaries

Burdanova Virineya Sergeevna